Rare Earth Magnetic Hardware Anchor Set

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4 x 5/8" Rare Earth Magnets
4 x Stainless Steel Phillip Screws
4 x Wall Anchors

Easy to install, these magnets help take the stress out of hanging metal art.

With each Rare Earth magnet having an estimated pulling force of 17 lbs your metal art will hang securely to your wall without the worry and a sleek look with no hooks!

Step #1: Use a 3/16 drill to create hole for anchors (drill not included).
Step #2: Install anchors in wall.
Step #3: Slide the stainless steel screws through the hole in the middle of the magnet so the screw head is flush with magnet.
Step #4: Screw magnet into anchor.
Step #5: Place wall art onto magnets.
Step #6 Enjoy!